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Vltor Weapon Systems MUR 1A Upper Receiver Group with Forward Assist - Vltor MUR Upper Receiver

Sale Price: $199.95 $189.95 USD
SKU: vltor-mur-1a
P/N: mur-1a
Availability: 10 in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours!
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The Modular Upper Receiver (MUR) is a rigid MilSpec flat-top upper receiver made to fit all AR15/M16/M4 rifles and carbines. The MUR was developed to give the customer a MilSpec correct upper receiver with a thicker wall, making the MUR upper receiver a stronger platform. This more rigid upper receiver will increase accuracy and reliability, while extending the life of the interfacing components, such as the bolt carrier group and barrel assembly.

The MUR is made from a 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum forging. Prior to machining, the forging is fully stress relieved, heat treated, aged twice and undergoes a proprietary cryogenic treatment. The MUR is precision machined and each part finished by hand. There is not a better upper receiver available.

The main benefit of the MUR is that it is dimensionally correct. Vltor ensures the reliability and accuracy of our production process by using precision machining equipment, thorough quality control inspections, and a 100% final check of all critical dimensions. When you own a Vltor MUR, you have the highest quality upper receiver available on the market today.

All MURs feature a MilStd-1913 scope mounting rail and come equipped with an Ejection-Port, Dust Cover Door.



Author: Brandon Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 07/24/2013
Title: Vltor MUR 1A

In case you are looking at this upper and are not familiar with the Vltor MUR 1A, I am here to give a review. This is by far the top shelf upper receiver for your AR build. The tolerance is very tight and will fit your lower very snug. This upper definitely has the rifles accuracy in mind. I would not go with any other modular upper.

Author: R Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/09/2013
Title: Vltor MUR

Service at boltcarrier.com was fantastic! Item was received in 2 days!

Author: Kevin Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/09/2013
Title: Vltor MUR 1A

I love this upper I only use it on my builds now. Always a good fit and very strong. Ayan at boltcarrier has Awesome customer service! He answered the phone and took the time to answer all my questions. I purchased this upper and I had an email it was being shipped 30 minutes later. I will be back to purchase more here at boltcarrier.com

Author: Some Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/09/2013
Title: Great Service

Chances are, if you're looking at this upper, you already know it's awesome.

The review is for customer service rather than for the product. The staff was responsive and friendly. They took the time to help out with my order, which is a huge deal as busy as they are. My order shipped within hours of placing it, allowing me to have the upper in my hands, assembled, and on the range in less than 48 hours.

Definitely a solid company that I'll do business with again.

Author: C Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/11/2013
Title: Vltor MUR-1A

Vltor makes a great product with a fit and finish rivaled by very few. The tolerances on this upper are very tight making it one of the best choices for a high-end build. The service at boltcarrier.com was simply outstanding with my order being shipped out within hours of placing it. I will definitely buy from boltcarrier.com again!

Author: MacGyver Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/11/2013
Title: Mur 1A

MUR is the best upper available. Great fit and finish, and the look is second to none. Also boltcarrier.com service is second to none. Fast shipping and great communication.

Author: Bosh Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/13/2013
Title: Vltor MUR 1A

The Vltor MUR 1A needs no introduction. It is simply one of the best their is.
If you are building a precision rifle, the tight tolerances, precision machining and rigid form make this a great choice.
Boltcarrier.com is the place to buy from as well. These guys are fantastic and ship super fast.

Author: John Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/16/2013
Title: Vltor MUR 1A

Total time from placing the order to receiving this most excellent upper was 8 days - including a near cross country shipping . Which I feel is quite good - especially these days. I'm very happy with the service provided by boltcarrier.com and I'm very pleased with the quality of the Vltor upper. I will likely order from here again.

Author: Will Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/01/2013
Title: Vltor Mur1a

Great product, best upper on the market with the most consistent machining.

Author: James Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/02/2013
Title: Vltor MUR 1A

The Vltor MUR 1A is one of the best uppers I have seen. Fit, finish and tolerances are superb. Service from boltcarrier.com was excellent. They offer great price and fast shipping.

Author: Edward Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/02/2013
Title: Awesome

Second one I'm purchasing, really solid platform, and the fastest order processing I've ever had. These guys know how to run a shop

Author: Al Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/04/2013
Title: Excellent Item

This is a great product and the finish is amazing. Ive owned several other upper receivers but the VLTOR has the best fitment. I searched all over the web but Boltcarrier.com is the only site that had this item IN STOCK!

Author: lcoates33 Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/14/2013
Title: Vltor MUR-1A

Extremely please with the customer service from boltcarrier.com
Had my upper receiver shipped out the next day and it in my hands very quickly.

My upper had a less than stellar finish, which the owner of this site offered to exchange one of his personal receivers! That right there is why i'll be back here again, and again.

I decided to have my receivers, stock, and hand guard Cerakoted. But not without a big THANK YOU!! to to the owner for the offer. :)

edit by Ayan: I didn't offer to give a *personal* MUR. I did hold some back for builds. I just wanted to clarify and thank you for the review!

Author: Steven Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/23/2013
Title: MUR 1A

Fantastic Receiver and Excellent customer service.

Highly recommend both!

Author: James Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 12/18/2013

Amazing price, quality and customer service all in one package. This product and company is definately top of the line in all aspects.

Author: Mike Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 12/30/2013
Title: Vltor MUR 1A

Best upper there is available! And boltcarrier.com is awesome to deal with! They ship very fast and my upper arrived in 2 days from the time I ordered it. I will be ordering from them again when the MUR 1A is back in stock. Thank you Ayan.

Author: Ken Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 02/07/2014
Title: mur-1 upper receiver

Received my mur-1 way earlier than expected. Ayan is very professional and service is top notch. I recemend boltcarrier.com to anyone. speedy delivery and customer service is great. Keep up the great work ayan. I will be buying products fom now on from boltcarrier.com. you just cant beat the service ayan provides. Quick to answer questions and on top of orders.....great job ayan. Very happy!

Author: James Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 02/21/2014
Title: VLTOR MUR 1-A

Cannot say enough good things about the product and the company, rapid email responses, phone calls answer after 2 rings, Ayan is a top notch seller, you will never be disappointed with anything you buy from here. And the upper receiver is the best in my book, tolerances fit my phase 5 lower literally perfect as can be, no play, just perfectly fit. And looks gorgeous!

Author: jwperry Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 03/08/2014
Title: Perfect Upper for SBR

The extra strength and precision machining added by the Vltor upper makes it a perfect start to either a SBR or SPR type builds. I had mine 3 after ordering.