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Knight's Armament (KAC) 5.56 and 7.62 URX Installation (URX II, URX 3, URX 3.1, & URX 4)

Sale Price: $75.00 $55.00 USD
SKU: bc-installation-0001
P/N: installation-0001
Availability: Available In Shop!
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Certified SR-25, Mk11, M110 Armorer

When it comes to URX installation, we think we do the best job in the industry. 

Installing a URX is easy to do but difficult to do correctly.  We are the first dealer to use a specialized vise with purpose made/proprietary extended jaws that ensure the rail is s precisely aligned and held firmly so no damage is done to the engagements of the aluminum barrel nut or to the rail and upper themselves.

We have specialized fixtures for properly removing pressed on gas blocks and other tools that we haven't discussed that make us uniquely qualified to quickly and safely perform work on both 5.56 and 7.62 platform URX rails.

We inspect and dry fit all parts before installation, clean and prep all thread surfaces, use only Blue Loctite 242, and apply the proper amount of torque.

We use the best tools available and follow a repeatable procedure.  Normally turn around installs within 24 hours.

Most importantly, we are trained to perform maintanence on your rifle without compromising your warrantee.


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Author: John Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 06/05/2013
Title: Rail Installation Perfection

I have had a URXII Rifle Length, URXIII, and URX3.1 for me and all installations have been perfect. VERY fast installation turn around. I plan to use Boltcarrier.com for all my future Knight's Armament purchases and installations.

Author: Drew Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 06/05/2013
Title: Installation work

I had Ayan remove the old flash hider off of my sr25 and replace it with a MAMS. Communication was awesome and the work was clean and very well executed.

There are only two places I now trust to work on my Knights Armament rifles and that is the factory and Ayan at Boltcarrier.com

Keep up the good work sir!

Author: Eric Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 06/06/2013
Title: Complete build

Ayan was highly recommended from knights armament so that says it all. i had a 8.5 noveske with 8 in URX still waiting to shoot, super fast turn around time.I will use again

Author: Rick Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 08/10/2013
Title: SR25 URX 3.1 7.62 Rail Install

I had a SR-25 upper with a URX 3.1 7.62 rail that I needed installed. Ayan was extremely responsive and turned my build around in ONE DAY. Before finding him, I had sent emails and left phone messages at a couple other Well Known KAC dealers only to NEVER even have the courtesy of a response. Some people are customer service oriented and SOME ARE NOT. I highly recommend boltcarrier.com as the "go to" dealer for any services/products.

Author: AK Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 10/06/2013
Title: URX Install

There aren't many guys that have the tools or the skills to do this work. Ayan does the work for a reasonable price and does it well. Additionally, his turn around times are ridiculous. Each time I've sent in a rail install job he has received my parts, completed the install work, and shipped them back to me the same day. Excellent.

Author: Chris Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 10/07/2013
Title: Rail Install

Once again, Ayan has done a phenomenal job installing my rail. I have sent a couple uppers to him and he installs rails and ships them back the same day. I will continue to use Boltcarrier.com for all my upper modifications and needs.

Author: Ed Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 10/08/2013
Title: First Class Service

I've heard nothing but great things about boltcarrier.com and the work performed by Ayan. Although I've assembled some nice ARs myself, I wanted my URX II installed correctly and decided it was time to solicit the help from someone who has plenty of experience performing the work. I'm happy to report that it was the right decision. No regrets. Not only did Ayan do an outstanding job putting everything together, the turnaround time for the service was unbelievably fast. I shipped my upper on a Friday, he received it on a Monday. I received a FedEx shipping notice that very same day, and a few days later the upper was back in my hands. I was able to take it out the following weekend and give it a run, and it ran like a sewing machine. It really doesn't get any better. boltcarrier.com has definitely earned my business in the future and I won't hesitate to recommend Ayan's work and vouch for their outstanding service.

Author: Mike Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/04/2013
Title: Very good service.

My gunsmith had screwed up my upper trying to install my URX, but thanks to Ayan it was all fixed. Thank you!

Author: Chris Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 11/25/2013
Title: Like new!

Ayan replaced the URX 3.1 on my SR15 and he had it back in my hands within a week. Well done!
Great work and very competitive prices on his parts.
I am not always the easier customer to deal with, but Ayan did it with as much grace as possible.

Author: Jason Rating: ★★★★★ Posted: 12/23/2013
Title: URX3 - Reinstall

I twisted the URX3 rail out of alignment on my AAC 300 BLK upper when I was trying to remove the flash suppressor. Ayan was able to remove the flash suppressor, disassemble and reassemble the upper and get it shipped out all in the same day. I couldn’t be happier. The upper looks and works great.